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Ready to find a place to rent in HRM? Cool! We do that (for free).

Our goal is to match great tenants, with fantastic spaces (and landlords). 

Searching for a rental can be hectic, exhausting, and lots of other colourful adjectives. We want to make the process a bit sweeter.

You're ready to start your search, and we're Rede(to help you)Rent 😉

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Many renters find themselves scrambling at the last minute to find the perfect rental.

It's not ideal..

There are a number of unique contributing factors that cause the the classic "mad rush renter." 

We can help though! Complete the form below and we'll start our search for some great options. Even if you just want to "browse" while you finish up your current lease.


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The Rental Market is 🔥

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It can feel like everyone and (literally) their dog is looking for somewhere to rent right now.

The market in HRM is taking off, and rental housing options (particularly attractive and affordable ones) can be really tough to come by.

Our goal is to help both tenants and landlords, cut through the noise to find the right fit (and to help keep things fitting right). 



As the market continues to heat up, you can sometimes feel yourself stuck as a renter, in your search for the best spot, for the right price, when you ACTUALLY NEED IT.

That's why we're offering to be in your corner, help you find a spot that checks the boxes and helps you confidently pack yours (to move...see what we did there? 😎)