We're looking to make Renting Better in HRM, and we're starting by promoting great Rentals!

It's FREE forever to list on RedERent.com. If you have a fantastic rental we'd love to help you promote it!

Adding your Free Listing

Listing on RedERent.com is FREE Forever, and we've worked to make the process of creating a premium listing as easy as possible!

Step 1:

Register an Account on Rederent.comRegister for A Free Landlord Account 

This account will allow you to build and update listings, as well as create a business/agent profile you can use to help promote your business and all of your listings (totally optional). 




Step 2:

Create a property page on rederent.comCreate A Listing

Fill out our handy listing creation form with as much info as you can/wish to. Upload photos, link to youtube videos and get as creative as you like to help your listing stand out and look great. 

Have questions? Not sure how to "spice up" your listing? No problem! We're happy to assist, and we'll gladly give your listing a review before making it live on our site.


Step 3:

my properties page on rederent.comPost your first listing and then add as many more as you wish!

Click "Save Property" and you're done! The listing will be sent over to us to be loaded onto the website.



You're done! Unless you don't want to be...

You can add as many listing as you like (if it gets ridiculous, we'll let you know 😉)


Now the Magic Happens

Our tenants and rental team are constantly searching for great rentals in HRM. Your new premium listing will be sure to turn heads, and we'll be helping to get it in front of the right people.

If you have any questions at any point in the process or wish to discuss additional advertising or promotion for your listing be sure to reach out to us right away!

"What's the Catch?"

There's no catch! We believe that “a rising tide lifts all rentals” (the listings are the tide in this case). 

The more High-Quality rentals available for our users, the better!

  • RedERent.com was built in partnership with a HRM-based property management company, and promotes services and properties from multiple companies, landlords and agents in an effort to give renters and property investors plenty of great options and resources

  • The way "we make money" is by offering premium (paid for) services to Landlords and Tenants.

  • Our site also benefits from selling non-intrusive ad space. This allows us to spend more time focused on providing valuable resources and tools for both Landlords and Tenants.
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